Septi Blast Septic Tank Cleaning Product
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Company Mission


Corporate Profile

Septi-Blast was founded by down home individuals with extensive rural septic system experience. Our company is a premier marketer of branded consumer septic system cleaning products with a full range of products for professional wastewater treatment as well. Our products are 100% non-pathogenic bacterial blends designed for optimal remediation effect at the fastest digestion rates possible. Bacterial remediation technologies are used throughout the world - from wastewater treatment facilities to residential drainage systems. Septi-Blast septic tank cleaner is formulated to cut through grease and grime while attacking years of sludge buildup throughout your entire system.

Our Business

We mainly operate in North America, along with parts of Europe, Asia Pacific and other areas of the world. The Companies main product components are used throughout the world from residential application to industrial and commercial wastewater treatment.

Our Brands

In the U.S., the Company's Septi-Blast brand is a market leader in it's category based on growth influenced by consumer commitment and value added qualities.

Corporate Office

Septictankcleaner Corp is headquartered in Jackson, NJ, approximately 30 miles Southeast of the State Capital.

Septictankcleaner Corp.
2275 West County Line Road
Suite 6-223
Jackson, NJ 08527


The proprietors or their agents have extensive septic system maintenance experience and developing a nationally recognizable brand that provides optimal performance is the core growth strategy for Septi-Blast.


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Copyright 2009 Septi-Blast™ is a registered trademark of Septi-Blast Corporation 2009 All rights reserved. Septi-Blast septic tank cleaner products are designed to break down and digest bio-mat and sludge plaguing your septic tank system with each dose containing 1.5 billion bacteria per gram. Septic tank cleaner products combined with green cleaning habits allows for maximum decomposition rates when compared to untreated septic systems overtaxed by chemical products designed to kill bacteria. *Simulation reflects capability of product and results may vary. Septi-Blast septic tank cleaner guarantee applies to all purchases made within the continental United States limited to one refund per household per calendar year. Original proof of purchase must accompany any refund request. See included instructions for dosage suggestion and application.