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Strongest Available Septic Tank Cleaner!
100% Effective! and 100% Life Time Guaranteed!

Annihilate Clogs and Sludge with SEPTI-BLAST
Up to 500% Stronger than Competing Brands
Cleans Drain Field blockages and stops odors in their tracks!

Safe to Use, Non-Toxic and Just One Dose Per Month!

 Do you suffer from septic odors? Do you have to limit your laundrySeptic tank cleaners can restore clogged drain fields to like new condition loads for fear of flooding out your system? Do you experience smelly - stinky odors rising from your yard? Are your neighbors starting to complain? Is your whole septic system issue slowly getting worse? Is your drain field clogged with bio-mat? If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned, Septi-Blast can help restore your drain field, clear out clogs and eliminate years of sludge buildup.

 Powerful Septi-Blast septic tank cleaner successfully treats symptoms of septic tank and drain field failure utilizing highly concentrated bacteria and enzymes that quickly breakdown and digest sludge buildup within your entire system. Gurgling, backups, odors and wet spots are warning signs that your leaching system may be heading into failure. Once your drain field soils begin to clog, liquids are no longer able to flow through your soils as they should. Over time, pump out frequencies increase and costs begin to go through the roof. Although many treatments involve caustic soda, peroxide, line jetting and other methods to restore clogged lines, only bacterial treatments have the ability to reach deep below subsurface soils - digesting organic buildup and clogs where they form.

 Septi-Blast septic tank cleaner is a unique blend of powerful enzymes and bacteria designed to quickly digest sludge and grime at astonishing rates - up to hundreds of pounds of sludge almost overnight! Septi-Blast septic cleaner is formulated to clear out blockages and clean lines in virtually all residential septic systems. Tens of thousands of septic system owners throughout the world have used concentrated bacteria to clean out their clogged septic lines, dry up wet spots and eliminate odors. Treatments are easy - Simply administer Septi-Blast down your commode each month and let the powerful strains of bacteria do the rest!

 Sludge packed lateral lines and clogged perforated drain field lines are your systems worst enemy. Septi-Blast eats through grime and sludge at an incredible rate to restore optimal flow throughout your entire system. Septi-Blast septic system cleaner offers one of the most powerful septic restoration and maintenance kits on the market today. Our products are made in the USA and backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Septi-Blast Cleans Drain Filed Lines Common difference between an unhealthy system and one cleaned with septic tank bacteria treatment
*septic tank effluent clogging leach and lateral line permeability


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 Clogged lateral lines normally result in interference with shower use, washing laundry, running the dishwasher and other everyday household water use. Septi-Blast septic cleaner eats through to the trouble zone and digests years of sludge, grime, grease, fats and oils by breaking these organics down into water and gases. While treating your system with Septi-Blast, you can rest assured that you system is protected by a commercial grade septic tank cleaner specifically formulated to digest clogs and restore flow to your failing drain field lines.

5 Year Supply (60 Months!) for Only $67.00! + Free Shipping

100% Money Back Lifetime Guarantee!

How did my septic tank get clogged in the first place?

 Laundry detergents, hand soaps, shampoo, dishwasher detergent, shampoos and many common household cleaners all play a major role in degrading septic systems performance. Septic systems are designed to be a "breeding ground" for bacteria - not a dump site for toxic chemicals and anti-bacterial products. Most homeowners are unaware that many cleaners cause unwanted buildup in your tank and drain field lines over time - leading to total system failure. Since your septic system didn't come with an instruction manual, most people are unaware of the crucial role bacteria plays in optimal septic system function. With chemicals depleting bacterial colonies, sludge and waste can not completely breakdown and eventually gets stuck in your field. You need fresh and healthy bacteria to assure that sludge and organics digest at optimal rates so as to avoid backups and wet spots.

So What Do I Do Now?

 The solution is easy! Start with a monthly septic tank cleaning program utilizing Septi-Blast commercial grade bacteria. Septi-Blast is resistant to chemicals and our lab cultivated bacterial strains multiply at an astounding rate. By utilizing a septic system cleaner, you will flood your system with powerful bacteria that quickly eat through blockages and clean your drain field lines to promote easy to find passageways for liquid to travel through. The bacteria will begin digesting and eliminating odors, buildup, scum, slime, blockages and waste at incredible rates! Septi Blast septic tank cleaner works hard to restore your system to optimal condition.

What is the Cost?

 While many companies charge hundreds of dollars for similar treatments, Septi-Blast septic cleaner offers the same technology at streamlined prices. Septi-Blast offers maximum product at minimum cost - all with a 100% guarantee. While most companies offer little to no refund options, Septi-Blast™ offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

5 Year Supply (60 Months!) for Only $67.00! + Free Shipping

100% Money Back Guaranteed For Life!

 Septi-Blast septic cleaner arrives with complete instructions, packed in a sturdy container designed for easy access and storage. A water soluble medium carries non-pathogenic strains of bacteria that quickly breakdown in water and are easy to administer. Just one dose per month flushed down your commode.


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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed For Life!
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Easy Administration - Just Dose and Flush
Non-Hazardous and Non-Pathogenic
5 Year Supply just $67.00
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Act Now! Clean and treat your septic system and drain field lines before things get worse. In every area, septic system pumpers consistently report that clogged septic tank lines and lateral lines are regularly growing in numbers do to the ever increasing strength of household cleaners.

Remember: Septic tank cleaning should be part of your normal maintenance routine and unfortunately, most people don't pay much attention until something goes wrong. Start Free shipping on Septi-Blast septic tank cleanerprotecting your septic system today! Your 5 Full Year Supply ships direct from the warehouse Free by FedEx with an iron clad 100% guarantee.

We Are Here for You - Septi-Blast Corporation is committed to excellence and offers free technical support to all customers using our septic tank cleaner products. If at any time you need assistance, feel free to call our hotline or email us and we will promptly address any concern or request.


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Copyright 2009 Septi-Blast™ is a registered trademark of Septi-Blast Corporation 2009 All rights reserved. Septi-Blast septic tank cleaner products are designed to break down and digest bio-mat and sludge plaguing your septic tank system with each dose containing 1.5 billion bacteria per gram. Septic tank cleaner products combined with green cleaning habits allows for maximum decomposition rates when compared to untreated septic systems overtaxed by chemical products designed to kill bacteria. *Simulation reflects capability of product and results may vary. Septi-Blast septic tank cleaner guarantee applies to all purchases made within the continental United States limited to one refund per household per calendar year. Original proof of purchase must accompany any refund request. See included instructions for dosage suggestion and application.Google+